Finding a Girlfriend

Looking for a girlfriend

girlfriendHave you been  looking for a girlfriend, but you always with women who aren’t even decent relationship material?  Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. What’s the trick to  meeting and dating quality women?

What  works and what doesn’t,?  If you’re a man looking for a relationship, here are some rules to live by that can save you some heartache.

Go where your type can be found.

If you’re looking for a girl for a relationship, don’t expect to find her at 2 am in a bar in the middle of the week.. You’re only going to find girls looking for a fling.  It’s a fact, so face it. Go where the odds are in your favor instead.

Picture the eberyday life of your ideal girlfriend. What’s her life like?  Where do you think you might run into her?  Do you like to read.  Try hanging out in libraries, or bookstores.  Do you like the outdoors?  You probably won’t find them in the woods, but the park is a sure bet.   You get the picture!

 Don’t put up with complainers!

Unless you like that sort of thing.  We all complain, and complain about those who also do the same, but is that what you’re looking for? We’re all most likely to complain about our own faults.  So is she!  Listen to what she’s complaining about. Those indicate her faults. Don’t like what you hear?  The steer clear.

For example, anyone who is cheating is a lot more likely to be suspicious of their partner cheating than someone who is faithful. Is she bitching about her cheating ex all the time?  Watch out,  I know this one from experience!

Women who don’t have close girl friends are suspect

Why do you suppose a woman might have no close female friends?  Maybe she is too pre-occupied with men?  Is she using her sexuality to make male friends?  Could that be why women don’t see anything in her as a friend?.

Of course having a few male friends is also normal.  And even if most of her friends are male, it probably doesn’t mean that much if she also has a girl friend or two.  Sometimes her hobbies or the work she does might be dominated by men, and her friends are just a consequence of her life.. But in general I have found out that, women who  have no close female friends at all are usually bad news.

Figure out what type of woman appeals to you and hang out with them, attached or not!

It’s a great benefit for you in the long run if you just put yourself out of the way and be friends first. People like to  spend time with people who are like them, in terns of things like , age, social status, interests, and things like that.   Even if your new friend is attached and unavailable, she is going to be in the habit of hanging out with girls a lot like her.  One of those friends of your friend might just be your dream girl.  Having a good female friend or two can lead to your finding a love connection.  Your friend might be the one who leads you there.

Her eyes tell the story.

There was once a social study in which it was revealed  that  just watching a couple for as little as fifteen minutes can reveal the likelihood that they will still be together in five years  Just fifteen short minutes! That’s enough time to even digest your dinner!  How could so much be revealed in so little time?

The observations were incredibly accurate. Of course, it took five years to prove the results!  But all that they did was observe how the couple were eying each other. If they ever at any time rolled their eyes, that was a sure sign of a failed relationship.  If there was no eye rolling, their future was secure

Does she ever roll her eyes at anything you do?  Do you?

Don’t  ignore the past. If people don’t learn from their mistakes they will repeat them.

It might be obvious, or maybe you just never considered it, but the strongest predictor of her fidelity is her history.  If she had cheated on the past, there’s a good chance it’s in her nature.  Of course there are exceptions, especially in long term marriages.  But in the short term, this is important.

Early on in the relationship, ask her about her relationship history and then make your own judgment.  A lot of women are in the habit of cheating when they are on the way to leaving a dead end relationship. Find out what she has to say, and if you can, what her friends have to say about her cheating history.  Ad that leads to the next subject

Meeting her friends in important

As we just pointed out above,  people become friends with people who are a lot like they are. You can use this fact to your advantage. If you meet her friends and become friendly enough to talk about her, you can find out a lot about her character.  If there is anything you hear that you don’t like, but you don’t see those things in her when you are around her, then be suspicious.  I learned this one the hard way too

 If you aren’t committed, keep dating and looking .

Common advice and wisdom warns us that commitment should come early.  Don’t listen to that until you are sure. You cannot be sure if you are going to be able to develop a serious relationship unless you test the waters.  Date multiple women and keep an open mind..  It’s very important that you don’t make a mistake.

Why?  Not just for the sake of your own mistake, but also because you don’t need to come off as being needy or clingy.  If you only have one person you are able to confide in, those things tend to come off quite strongly.  Because you’re only focusing on one woman, you tend to come across too strongly too soon.  I’ve done this a few times, believe me.

When you find the one it will become clear, even as you are dating others.  Then you can be assured that you are choosing her rather than just making the choice not to be alone.  She may not understand that at first, but if she is the right one, she will.

Bullshit does not matter.  Walk away from it.

You attention needs to be focused on the factors that really make a difference and define her character. Pay no attention to social factors that have no bearing on your personal relationship, such as cloting, hairstyles, makeup, etc.  Those things do not reveal her true character anyway

For example, there have been occasions when a straight and quiet looking woman had blatantly propositioned me.  On the other hand I have known girls who dress like sluts, but once you get to know them you find out that they are really quiet and shy, and may be trying to make up for what they feel are their inadequacies.

So, don’t pay a lot of attention to her social appearances.  You might like it if she looks good, but don’t use her choices to define her..

Be sure to take control of your own life.

If you look good, if you are responsible, if you are kind, if you improve yourself, it’s an almost guaranteed fact that women will be interested in you. If you want a beautiful and wonderful girlfriend, then you need to be of the caliber that such a woman would be looking for.  Is there anything you could change about yourself or the way you come across to women that could stand improvement?  The do something about it


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